Everchanging Colors In Pottery And In Poetry



It's officially October. The season best known for it's lavish display of colors. Living on the coast of Maine, my work is continuously influenced by the gentle changing of the seasons, in form and color as well. I take a moment to step back and do something different in my studio, allowing space for the unknown spirit to enter. It might be taking the plastic off the windows, as in late spring, or putting it back up before winter, but for now, I decided to rearrange my studio. This will allow me to throw from an entirely different perspective. And in celebration of Fall, I have temporarily put away my manganese(brown speckled), clay and return to the creaminess of porcelain. Wish me luck as I experiment with a new color palette on porcelain, before winter begins and the colors change yet again.

 Light Dancing With Itself

Every autumn I wander about
drunk in amazement
of the very nature of color,
as though a master painter took brush in hand.
But what kind of mind is this,
permeating through all of what we mere humans
can experience only with our eyes?
How humbled I am, to witness
 that which we call color, birthing
each and every form before me.
Is it not Light itself, playing with light?
Were we to rely on color alone,
 how many tree frogs and
mountain hares would go unnoticed?
No single deity has ownership over this power,
which is a staggering notion to hold in one’s mind.
Consider the Alpha and the Omega,
the all encompassing All in All, where nothing and no thing
exist beyond, and all things and everything has existed
and will exist, in time, and outside time as well.
And as I look again on the splendor of the autumn leaves,
I know I am witnessing all of Mind, releasing It’s own Love
 through It’s own Light,  beckoning artists to paint,
 poets to write and dancers to spin
for the sake of waking those who may not
yet know there  own magnificence,
hoping they will join in the making of this grand mural
to be wrapped around all there is.

Alexsondra Tomasulo

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