Finding Balance in Transitioning Times

Creatives are well aware for the need for balance in their lives. And what better time to examine that, than during the dance of energies between the seasons.

I woke to a chilly morning, here in Maine, wondering if I will swim, or walk, or swim and walk...Thoughts of pottery assignments fill my head, one a commission, another a work in progress, whose final purpose remains yet unknown.

For me, pottery is all about finding the balance in my life, which is naturally ever moving. Who would want a static balance anyway?

During the spin of finding center, feeling center, knowing center, I can intuit the natural flow necessary for a day or a season. Much like sitting or walking meditation, there's a moment of letting go, a moment of awareness, when clarity simply happens, without will, without any mental contrivance. I call that GRACE.

I would like to add here, that choosing to be an artist is often a misnomer. I believe it's more accurate to say, some of us simply are artists. However, that, in no way, means that only some of us are creative. Because that couldn't be farther from the truth. We are all naturally creative and when we do not find an outlet to explore and express our creativity, we become unbalanced, dissatisfied, and even unhealthy. When we give our presence to what fills us with joy, we can turn that process into an art form, no matter the context. From brick laying to floor mopping to child rearing. To every action being done with awareness, openness and love, a sense of centering can develop. For me, it was, and remains still to this day, clay. As I feel the clay I feel my inner truth in that particular point in time.

I hope you enjoy this video. M.C. Richards is best know for her book," Centering/  In Pottery,Poetry, and the Person. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

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