It's Always A Juggling Act

April, 2021

Artists do what we do best. Create!
But behind the scenes there are always
balls in the air, demanding our attention.

And sure enough, as luck, or “Murphy”                            
would have it, you inevitably drop a ball,
which, by itself, would not be so terrible, as you quickly look down and spot it in front of you. It calls to you, “pick me up, hurry, your inventory is down”. Or, “pick me up, hurry, your guests will arrive tomorrow”. Or, “pick me up, hurry, there are taxes that need to get paid”. Before you know it, that ball, that one particular ball, which we all have, you know the one, it’s different for each of us, slowly moves from our sight. It’s the one we would prefer to avoid altogether , the one that offers the least pleasure.
Well, before you know it, that ball’s voice becomes tired and sore, so it rolled right out of sight. GONE! And you are left contentedly juggling 3 or 4 balls. In fact, you’re sailing along, feeling well organized, and pretty darn proud of it…except for a faint tug at your conscience, that tiny part of your being that is in charge of keeping you honest, keeping you awake.
Then, as if by magic, while sipping one more latte, you hear that familiar ringing in your mind and your inner voice saying “what did I say I must do?” And it says it over and over like a broken record. The technology ball was staring me in the face. Not calmly either. It took on the image of an old disco mirrored ball, complete with strange and ominous music. Oh the things we creatives can conjure up! ( I hope there are some young folks out there wondering what a “disco ball”is, do you have any idea of how much lingo, folks over seventy must learn? Even purchasing a TV, can be a daunting event, never did I dream of buying a smart TV.) But learning the lingo of digital designing can be a nightmare. This is all very discouraging for someone with a degree in commercial design.
Which brings me to this precise moment. New lingo, new look! And who knows? It might need to change again, apparently my chosen”theme” might not offer the element required for my desired functions.
I have rebranded my website.
Of course I will continue to sell my pottery. But I realized that The Artist’s Haven is a destination, where people stop by, either as Airbnb guests, to purchase pottery, or to take a class. Often all three. And then there’s the occasional gal or guy who stops by for tea and a mini mentoring session.
It’s been a long time in the making, one might say, my whole life.
So here’s to me, living my life, still juggling balls, still dropping one every now and then.
And here’s to all of you, starting something new, revising an old dream, rebranding, reinventing, stepping out of your comfort zone. Here’s to all the jugglers out their willing to do what is necessary to live their dream.

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  • What a delightful read. I feel both curious and so invited to visit your Haven. Many wishes for amazing success on the new link in the journey. May each step be filled with wonder.

    Elizabeth Starr

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