When is done, done?

The short, and accurate answer is never.

I am an artist, a right brained thinker, so setting up this site has presented a series of difficult hoops for me to navigate. Oh, did I say the word navigate? Probably shouldn't, because it is used as an option in arranging one's store. So I will start here. When learning something new, brand new, first make certain that your language is used precisely in the same manner as theirs. Better said,, never assume your understanding of a word is being used in the same context.

I'm  moving right along now, and please do not think I am placing blame on Shopify, though even my left brained buddies say it is most confusing.

No worries I like a challenge. Today's challenge? place a blog on my online store. I have been at it for over a week, but as I said, I like a challenge, so here goes again.Oh, and did I mention I have dyslexia, so the whole thing could have been solved would it still be possible to speak to someone on the phone. Yes, yes, most people can solve through "chat" , but I am not most people. Here' goes, and wish me luck.

Of course I would rather have my hands in clay, but I cannot get my beautiful one of a kind pieces out to the public without this site.

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