Where To Go From Here

Photos taken, descriptions edited, website tweaked, the list is done. There's that word again, DONE. Is it? Building my audience is next, and that means marketing. That word ought to be placed in all CAPS with neon lights flickering 24/7 around it, maybe add a bullhorn to be sounded at precisely the right time of day that the experts have diligently surmised after long digital date research. To be clear, I will add some sort of digital marketing, but I got my feet on the ground and my hands in the heavens, so I rely on "organic"(word of mouth, in my time), and the gentle flow of the universe. In the meantime, where do I go from here? Back to the potter's wheel, hands in clay and of course back to my writing. If you want to know how those two activities have and continue to support each other as well as keeping me sane, stay tuned for my next post. Thank  you for your time. One more thing, if you purchase an item from my shop I will gladly extend 10% discount if you can quote any section from my blog and post it on your Facebook page.

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